Starwind 19 Weight (Bill Swart posting)

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Starwind 19 Weight (Bill Swart posting)

Postby DockMaster on Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:13 am

Bill Swart Posted this to the old ListServe

Have copied it here...
Hi everyone -

Hope you've all had an wonderful sailing season so far!

I trailed Praxis out to the southern Black Hills twice this summer for terrific sailing on Angostura reservoir (more on those trips later) - on the last trip, I was surprised to discover that I got worse gas mileage over the same distance as a friend who was trailering his pop-up camper (roughly 2100lbs loaded) with the same make/model tow vehicle as me. Curious, I stopped in at the weigh station on the MN/SD state line after a weekend sailing in SW MN and was even more surprised to discover that my Starwind 19 and trailer weighed in at 2,360 pounds! She was loaded, but only with the standard sailing gear (the stuff I would automatically take sailing along every trip - minus the porta-potti).

The Starwind 19 spec sheet lists the displacement at 1350 pounds. I can't imagine my trailer (standard issue single axle Magic Tilt) weighs more than 400 pounds. I know the early S19s (mine is hull 19, I believe) were overbuilt by Wellcraft - but by 600 pounds?

If you've ever weighed your S19, I'd be curious to know the results.

Bill Swart
'83 Starwind 19 "Praxis"
Sioux Falls, SD
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Re: Starwind 19 Weight (Bill Swart posting)

Postby artisthos on Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:03 pm

I am trailering a Starwind 19 from Wash DC to Cincinnati in January and wanted to know what car you were using. My dealer said to use a pick-up truck something with more weight on the rear than my Magnum. Any other precautions?
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