Hull Repair

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Hull Repair

Postby Happy Sailor on Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:50 am

I have a question about the Starwind 13.5 I just acquired. The deck of the boat is separating from the main hull. what is the best way to reattach or repair it. Thanks for the help.
Happy Sailor
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Re: Hull Repair

Postby kilowatt on Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:59 pm

that would be plain fiber glass work! if there is wood below the area--- remove damaged wood ---leaving bottom skin. then disk sand to clean surface. cut and fit replacement plywood (same thckness) for repair. now disk sand the upper glass floor you removed( on bottom ) till a clean surface is ready for reglassing. buy fiber glass jell- or liquid product to reglass the floor. now that its clean and dry mix your fiber glass wet your bottom floor shell with liguid glass 1/8 deep. wet your new wood panel bottom then place it back in place in the wet glass to bond. put weight enough to hold it in place. wipe excess liquid glass off with rags on edges. then hard disk sand edges of old glass on a 45 deg.slope to the floor sides that were in good shape. when clean dry and hard next. disk sand the top of the floor you stand on on a 45 deg. angle toward the center of the panel. the edges form a ' V ' shape when in place!! now glass the wood on top of repair floor and glass the disk sanded bottom of the upper floor panel you took off. put the skin panel back on the repair with a thick coat of glass that will run out in the 'V ' between the panel and the old floor 'V'. weigh it in place level with old floor. wipe excess out of ' V ' between panels. let harden while in place weighted. when cured disk grind the ' V ' clean. then finish by putting glass mat in ' V ' in layers glassed in place and cured. sand the ' V ' to level then sand floor and epoxy the sanded floor with a fine wide brush with light pressure which will lay out flat like new. clean work always each time you sand, glass or epoxy fiberglass. kilowatt - new orleans - area
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