Spinnaker topping lift

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Spinnaker topping lift

Postby bkafer on Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:47 pm

Starwind 223

So lets hear your ideas on this.
Put a block at the top of the mast, attached to where the current topping lift ties
Run the topping lift from the boom to the block and down the mast and tie it off.

Now when its time to hoist the spinnaker, unhook the topping lift, run it forward and hook it to the end of the spinnaker pole.
then just hoist it where needed. This gives the line 2 uses and also allows you to raise the boom higher if needed to put up a boom tent.

AND when you run the after guy, have you set new blocks on deck? and if so where ?,
Because the jib is down , can I use the current jib blocks on deck?

I don't want to put lots of money in the boat as were going bigger maybe next year.
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