Where did the summer go?

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Where did the summer go?

Postby crazycarl on Sat Oct 31, 2009 6:50 pm

We only had our 19 out once this year, and our little 15'r twice. I had been working 64 hours a week all year long to pay for my Bahama trip and our youngest daughters wedding next year. I have been retrofitting the boat the last 3 months on weekends. I had planned on documenting all the work and taking pictures, but once I get into a project, it's hard for me to stop. Even to take a few pictures.
The boat had several areas on the deck that would let in a dribble of water during a rain. This bothered me so I decided to remove all the deck hardware to rebed it. Also, the starboard side portholes leaked and I have new replacements for them so I removed them as well. Removing the portholes was not easy. It appeared the previous owner bedded them in 5200. Removing them also removed all the gelcoat under them. After repairing the missing gelcoat, I decided I needed to paint the deck. Removing the rubrail revealed the deck/hull joint had seperated at the bow to about 18" back. (see hull/deck forum) I patched and filled all the voids, then sanded the entire deck and cockpit. 2 coats of primer was sprayed and sanded between. 4 coats of bright white were sprayed and sanded between. (3 would have been enough, but the 3rd coat had several nasty runs) I gave it 2 weeks to cure then began masking to apply the anti skid. I chose beige for the anti skid, which I applied with a 4" foam roller. (3 coats)

If I'm painting the deck...why not paint the hull the color I really want? So, I sanded the beautiful blue paint from the hull and decided to roll the Seagreen paint on. Again, 3 coats was plenty, but, while cleaning up around the boat, I stumbled and put my shoulder into the semi set paint. Of course the 4th coat didn't turn out half as nice as the 3rd, but being late October now, I had no choice but to accept it. As I write this the second coat of bottom paint is drying and the boot stripe applied yesterday is cured.

I have several quotes for a new set of sails, (tanbark) and I need to reinstall the deck hardware to raise the mast and install the CDI furler system I bought last spring.

A friend has a vinyl cutter and will supply the gold stripe, registration #s, and name at a huge discount.

Time is getting tight and my I leave for my trip on January 29th. Some days I don't think I'll be ready in time, and others look more promising. I've already ran out of funds, so I've started working 24 hours O.T. a week again.
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