change the trailer setup

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change the trailer setup

Postby bkafer on Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:31 pm

I have a 223 starwind.
This was the first year in the water for us.
When it came time to take her out, she just fought us and wanted to stay in
we had trouble getting the keel to sit in the center of the trailer.

I want to create something so as you pull the boat, the keel rides down a piece of wood or metal
that eventually centers the keel.

Has anyone made any changes to their trailer to help pull the boat?
if what, and how and do you have any pics?
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Re: change the trailer setup

Postby Sue on Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:48 pm


When I got my Nineteen, she did not center up well. I learned she had to be just so on the trailer. I used the two life line stansons and windows as a guide for how she looked over the trailer fender, which I could see in the water at the ramp.

But the real problem came when she "slipped" off the the center plank of the trailer (a Tee Nee) as I pullled up the ramp. Some of the other boats at the lake used PVC pile as guides to get the boat center. So with a 2x4 cut in half, I covered it with the outdoor matte to match the bunks and four "risers" attached to the frame. I constructed a "kind of keel guide." It is not quite a 45 degree angle pointing to the center plank and about ten/twelve inches high. I wanted it stronger than the PVC so if she came down on it I would know it because she would not be level at the ramp. I put the guides high enough she would bump into the center of the trailer. I also have a long tounge which lets the trailer deeper in the water. This lets her "float" on to the trailer when you have a good 10 degree above waterline and 15 degree below waterline (specs for some Army Engineer ramps). I also know that I want the water to just cover about 2/3 of the front riser for the bunks. These are all obsevations I made to know where the trailer sits when I go to load the boat.

I went sailing with one of the Spindrift owners and he had an EZ loader which is rollers in place of bunks. These trailers are ones which you "roll" the boat on and can get in much less water. Some of the folks with bunk trailers did mix rollers and bunks too. But I don't know how well it worked for them

The main thing with any trailer is the weight distribution.... You want about 80/85% on the bunks or rollers and 20/15% on the keel. You want to watch your hull for any indentations because that will tell you if you do not have the risers positioned correctly. Too High or Too Low.

When the trailer is set up correctly you will only really be fighting the ramp is she does not load well. Some ramps are just "pains." This is where talking to the other boaters using the ramp and watching the ramp with give you some idea of how it will be.

Hope this give you some ideas
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Re: change the trailer setup

Postby browniebear on Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:50 pm

I installed a pair of bunk posts on the center support of the center board to hold a 2" by 8" board to guide the centerboard into the center of the trailer. I used u bolts on the 2 new bunk posts and the new boards ran down to back corners of the trailer. I used u bolts again at the back corner too. Since doing this I have been able to set my boat centered first time even on steep ramps. I will take a picture and add it in the next couple days
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