Split backstay information, please

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Split backstay information, please

Postby halmcoftlh on Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:15 pm

New to the forum, new to the Starwind, but a reasonably experienced sailor. The asymmetric backstay leaves me kinda cold, and I see that some folk have fashioned a split backstay and some have even added an adjustable car so that one can rake the mast as conditions permit.

Has anyone the dimensions of the split stay setup, if yes, they would be much appreciated. I need to replace my backstay anyway as it was kinked at sometime in its past, so I have a rigging shop that can shorten this panel, add a splitting plate, and the two lower panels as well, but I would really like to have the dimensions from someone who has actually done it and would also like to know whether they are happy with the results.

Much thanks!
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