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Things to Buy or Sell or Trade

Postby DockMaster on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:34 pm

This post is more a reminder to check the "Previously Loved Boats" Topic, if you are looking to do some Trading.
You can use your Avatar to have a small picture appear on all your posts, or you can add attachments from the options below where you type your text.

Be sure to list what the equipment is and the boat year and trailer or cradle. Things you would want to know about the item.
You do not need to include a contact number since the Marina (forum) had the ability to privately message you, should you wish. This is still a "public" view so you may want to use the private side for some parts of Trading here.

When you do Trade the items, Please post that fact. At this point, there is no time limit to the posts. But 6 months "renew" may confirm "Still have the Item for Trade," post may do the job....

Good Trading.... SHull
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